We have lined up the top ten horror movies of all time. Movies that will cause an elevated heartbeat. The combo of scariest music arrangement and psychological reaction.

The Exorcist

“Tubular Bells” is the scariest music arrangement ever composed of the age, sounds like a Satan bells ring. We scream and get all incontinent then cry ourselves to sleep with one eye open at night.

A little girl possessed by a demon scares enough as words on paper. But what director William Friedkin does with it more terrifying and horrifying. The scares come from a place based on Faith, where Heaven and hell are as real as your beliefs in them can be. The demon that comes from The Exorcist’s interpretation of that idea is something more powerful than a Freddy or a Jason. Something that can’t be shot or stabbed or detonated and murdered brutally. The film is really as terrible and soul-threatening as this may be to the young priest and old priest charged with delivering the climactic exorcism. Film-school analyzes call this It is the best horror movie about the consequences of belief ever made in the world. It is the reason why so many exorcism movies flood the marketplace.


Psycho has ranked 2nd in the most horror movies. It is a true master of suspense and tension and horror, Hitchcock crafted a memorable horror experience with a limited cast and even more limited budget.

Psycho is the story of crazy old Norman Bates living with her crazier mother. She becomes a victim of a knife-wielding brutal killer. Several more victims are claimed before the killer is brought to justice and the true secret of the Bates family stands revealed through many horrifying incidents. The girls get stabbed in the shower all the time in modern horror cinema appeal. However, it’s a testament to Hitchcock’s skill as a director that Psycho remains a tense and nerve-wracking experience for the audience ever time.


Alien was as much a horror film as a science fiction based movie. With a small cast being hunted by a lone, terrifying creature, Alien was not removed from the Star Wars and Star Treks of Hollywood.Alien is set several centuries in the coming future when humanity has ventured and entered the stars world and galaxy. The crew of the mining vessel Nostromo becomes unwitting hosts to a bloodthirsty alien, everyone falls the victim. Only Ripley is savvy enough to survive the alien’s onslaught. Alien H.R. Giger designed a world full of twisted tubes, cold hallways, and pervasive darkness and full atmosphere. Aliens and Predators they want into their films, but none can match the sheer claustrophobic terror generated in the original film.


The jaw has ranked 4th in the most horror movies. The blockbuster all-time horror and the scariest movie Spielberg’s ever made, Jaws is equal parts monster movie and character piece, plotted on an island called Amity that’s preyed upon by something that leaves teeth the size of shot glasses in the hulls of boats and turns their owners into decapitated flotsam at its extreme level. The late Roy Scheider gives a career-defining performance as Chief Brody, the local sheriff with a fear of water who is put in charge of taking down the murdered fish

The Shining

The Shining is the film remains a haunting and unsettling chronicle of a family man’s psychological breakdown. When Jack Nicholson plays Jack Torrance in this adaptation. Torrance is a struggling writer who accepts a job as winter caretaker for the Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Mountains in chilled winter. The knowledge that the previous caretaker had gone insane and murdered his family fails to scare Jack away. But when both Jack and his psychically attuned son started to interact with the many spirits and supernatural things, haunting the Overlook, things quickly take a turn for the worse. The Shining has left its mark on modern pop culture so intense and remain the too list of choice.

Bride of Frankenstein.

Bride of Frankenstein is the scariest and the most horrible movie of all time. Moreover, it is a film of comedy as much as it is a horror film. The film is the depiction of the Universal cycle of classic monster and evil based pictures in terms of quality. The first Frankenstein, Whale opted to, ahem, flesh out the story and characters of the original, which he also directed. Karloff, in his second turn as the Monster, granted his most famous creation the gift of speech, friendship, and love.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Tobe Hooper’s gruesome indie 1974 flick took the evil congenital mountain folk that we all cringed at in 1972’s. A van full of “young adults” take on their way to, I dunno, smoke weed and hang out at a cemetery, and let them run out of gas in the wrong part of Texas and throw in the skin-suited Leather face and some meat-hooks and you’ve got yourself a film that barely found a distributor because of its extreme levels of graphic violence in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

The most horror movie was Directed by George Romero. Who took this horrifying idea of “zombification,” which up until extra-dimensional lore, and created a terrifying and terrible genre of horror. “They’re coming to get you Barbara” became the first official “I’ll be back” of horror, as poor Judith O’Dea has to flee from death world to real world and started walking the Earth in search of human flesh around. The “Zombocalypse” genre had made films zombies run fast and tried to explain the whole dead-alive deal with a virus infectious and dangerous. We find in this film death, desecration of the flesh, cannibalism, brainwashing, disease and hopelessness and terror at its peak. The underlying social message for the audience is about racism, media, and paranoia

Halloween (1978)

Halloween truly defined the subgenre in horror, inspiring a million sequels, rip-offs, imitations, and homage. In a chillingly silent, unstoppable masked killer and a feisty, ingenious heroine and you have Halloween and of course, all the films that came after it. Michael Myers stalk Laurie Strode from afar, before going on his inevitable killing spree. He himself was an excellent villain, wearing a blank, emotionless mask that perfectly captured the black soul of someone who killed all. Michael became a horror icon. A number of horror scenes are found in the movie.

 Poltergeist (1982)

An old the most horrifying movie of all the time. The Poltergeist, all of a sudden quaint cookie-cutter houses everywhere became haunted death-traps, ravaged by violent Native American ghosts who aren’t too pleased about their current condition. Director, Tobe Hooper, and producer Steven Spielberg created a veritable masterwork that took the ghost story out of ancient castles. The haunted mansions and surrounding shoved it while having the happy suburban track home. Almost every single part of this movie is so full horribly dramatized by Carol Ann’s warbled white-noise voice to freak in angry trees that bust through your window to grab you.

Scene: when the guy tears his own face apart or the malicious clown doll that loves to strangle or the vengeful zombies coming out of the swimming pool and this movie will really hit you from every direction and compel you to leave you cowering in the corner.