The Best Web Hosting Services for 2021


If you plan to start a business of any size, web hosting is not a choice, and it is a mere obligation. Several day-to-day activities require researching online, so every business must have an accessible and reliable website, even if its pages include details like contact info, location, and operating hours. If a company cannot be found in any search engine, it doesn’t exist in the client’s eyes. For all businesses, a sharable website is essential to maintain its online presence.

The first significant step to establish an online presence is to search for a web host, a company that stores all the website’s files on the servers and delivers them to the customer’s browsers and readers. These web hosting services include different monthly data transfers, email, storage, and other services.

HostGator web hosting

HostGator is well-known for its incredible web hosting services as it comes with many powerful tools, including a robust website builder for small businesses and bloggers. This web hosting platform is excellent for novice web admins, as it includes various e-commerce tools and other site-building software.

Moreover, it has 24/7 customer service along with affordable hosting plans. Along with these, is it an easily accessible shared hosting platform with good uptime. However, not all the plans offered by HostGator include the windows server option.

InMotion web hosting

InMotion comes up with several terrific features that can cater to almost all of your web hosting needs. Whether you want cloud, shared, VPS, or even reseller hosting, InMotion offers pricing that caters to your flexibility to make website aim a reality. It provides many hosting options with commendable uptime and allows unlimited data transfers with all WordPress and Shared plans.

But it also lacks a windows server, and not all of its plans offer a month-month payment facility.

Blue web hosting

Blue web hosting offers several e-commerce add-ons and a WordPress enhancing tool that consists of additional flexibility with famous CMS. It is a web host that you can depend on to carry out your business online efficiently. The blue host has a relatively easy-to-use interface along with free site migration. Its customer service is incredible, and its hosting plans cater to almost every category. However, this platform doesn’t offer cloud hosting or even shared hosting plans monthly. It has limited windows-based servers.

DreamHost web hosting

This web hosting platform offers impressive features with excellent pricing options. It has a bunch of tools that make the entire process simple for the new webmasters. The cloud hosting packages it offers are terrific. DreamHost had a robust security network along with unlimited data transfers accessible every month. The domain management tools play the role of guide to brief people about the cloud hosting services. Like most hosting platforms, DreamHost also has a money-back guarantee, but they also have fewer or no Windows-based servers. This option has no telephone support for its customers and no email services with people who opt for a shared starter plan.

Accuweb Hosting

This reasonably priced option has robust uptime, extremely reliable customer service, and a properly equipped windows server operating system for the website. Moreover, it’s incredible hosting plans make this web host stand out. AccuWeb offers its customers a choice between Windows and Linux servers. However, it faces an issue when it comes to offering unlimited email to people with Windows account and has non-shared hosting plans on a month-to-month basis.

A2 Web Hosting

If you are interested in using WordPress for your website, then A2 web hosting is the best option due to its commendable features of reliable hosting packages and robust uptime. AccuWeb comes with dedicated customer service but has no windows server options and is an expensive option.

GoDaddy web hosting

Godaddy has formed itself as a flexible hosting provider by offering numerous tools to cater to most of the customers’ needs. It offers both Windows and Linux-based servers with email services incorporated into Microsoft applications. It also has website builder software which is handy for the users. Although it provides 24/7 customer service, it again has no cloud hosting feature.

WP Engine web hosting

A web hosting platform with excellent customer service and uptime, the flexibility it offers makes it worth more than other WordPress pages, even if you plan to run an enterprise-class website.

WP Engine offers daily backups and is capable of real-time threat detection. It also provides a custom plan.

Moreover, it allows you to choose between Google cloud platform or Amazon Web services for cloud hosting. However, the email feature is not included in the hosting plans, and this particular web hosting service doesn’t sell domains.

These are some of the top best web hosting services for 2021.


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