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Even when lockdowns and employees progressively leave their complete remote-working settings to return to the office, Venta de computadoras show no signs of slowing.

According to IDC, ultraslim laptops will account for 44.3 percent of market sales, followed by standard notebooks (26 percent) and traditional desktops (18.1 percent ).

The Best Computer Devices for 2021

is especially significant given that 2020 was a record year for Computer sales, with both individuals and businesses purchasing new technology to guarantee that work and pleasure could continue despite nationwide lockdowns.

IDC previously estimated that remote work and online learning drove consumer demand for PCs to the most significant levels in a decade last year, with shipments hitting over 302 million units worldwide in 2020, representing a 13.1% increase over 2019.

It is consequently remarkable that demand has not decreased even 18 months after the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic.

IDC, on the other hand, observes that the nature of demand is shifting. Last year, Computer shipments to consumers climbed remarkably quickly as customers sought entertainment during the shutdown. Was evident in a significant increase in consumer desktop sales, which for gaming.

In the second quarter of 2021, IDC forecasts consumer demand for PCs in Western Europe to fall somewhat (by less than 2% as the end of lockdowns dampens interest in gaming.

Consumer demand to be as high as it was previously: for example, once schools reopen, parents will be less inclined to acquire the technology required for online learning.

“The consumer market in the CEE area is predicted to contract by -1.5 percent year on year, as consumer purchasing has shifted away from PCs over the summer months. The schools are projected to restart and be fully operational by September, since lockdowns have been lifted in the majority of the region’s countries “Stefania Lorenz, research director at IDC EMEA, stated

in Western Europe, for example, IDC estimates that the consumer market will increase by double digits for the sixth straight quarter, with PC sales up 10.3 percent compared to the same period last year.

However, the commercial market is likely to be the primary sales driver for the year’s balance. IDC predicts that the retail market in Western Europe will rise by about 25% in the next quarter, owing to employers’ expenditures in technology to enable new ways of working.


Companies will purchase laptops to assist digitalization initiatives as hybrid-working techniques grow more common, but they will also invest in desktops when employees return to the office.

“While sustained laptop strength is projected in the second half of 2021, growth in the desktop market is likely for the first time since 2020Q1,” said Simon Thomas, research analyst at IDC Western Europe Personal Computing.

“Growth will be driven mostly by government and business, who will equip their people when they return to work and engage in digitalization initiatives.”

Organizations and individuals have successfully created an unprecedented demand for new PCs, hence for the semiconductors that power the machines’ processing operations. However, the technology sector has not provided enough components to fulfill such demand, resulting in an ever-increasing chip scarcity that is now cascading down to nearly every business that utilizes computer chips.

Some PC producers, like other equipment suppliers, have difficulty sourcing enough chips to fulfill client orders. For example, Dell, HP, and Lenovo executives have stated that their supply networks struggle to keep up with their strong demand.

However, IDC is hopeful that the industry will be able to weather the shortfall. “This anticipated rise is despite continued demonstrate compliance challenges, which are predicted to last well into 2022,” Thomas explained.

However,  prices will rise during 2021 as suppliers pass on growing item and shipping costs in the face of such high demand.

IDC predicts that PC shipments will steadily slow down over the next few years. According to the business, total sales in EMEA will be down 1.8 percent in 2025, over 87 million units. The percentage of ultraslim laptops increase to more than 54% of overall sales.





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