Guide to post your youtube videos to instagram

Do you have a YouTube channel? Do you want your YouTube content to post on Instagram to fetch Instagram audiences? But the screen ratio is a big problem to shoot two times on a single topic. Right? But there is no more problem, and the solution is right here. This article will discuss the fundamental steps to download YouTube videos to Instagram without any hassle easily. Both for Android and iPhone users, it is a blessing in disguise. So, read the entire article and follow the steps accordingly to download hassle-free. No, you do not have to invest too much time. Once you learn and practice the steps, you can become the master of the same.

Steps to Follow:

  • First, open Google Chrome in your browser
  • Then you go to YouTube in the browser
  • Then log in to your YouTube channel
  • Then you have to menu icon of kebab
  • Then tap on the desktop site
  • Then you will get redirecting option where you need to tap the hero of the channel
  • Then click on the YouTube Studio
  • In the dashboard of YouTube, you can zoom and then click on the content of the channel
  • Then you must scroll, and you will get the video that you want to upload on Instagram
  • Then tap on the video title
  • Then you will see another option like an icon of the kebab menu
  • Then tap download
  • Then you can open the new tab
  • Now you can see that your video is downloading
  • After the download is complete, you can open the Instagram app
  • Then click on the POST icon
  • Then, click on the video that you want to post
  • Click on the zoom out and then need to post in the resolution that is Fullscreen
  • You can edit the video and then add a filter and also write a good caption
  • Then click on the post

These are the basic steps on how you can upload a video from YouTube to Instagram. The steps are easy and reliable. And you can make a good movie by posting your YouTube video on Instagram video. Now, downloading any video from YouTube is no more painful. You get the best help, and it simplifies your work. You can share your content, other content (with permission always) with your audiences easily. You can create a big fan base of your choice. 

YouTube to Instagram (Android Version)

It is simple for Android. You can use Tubemate or any other download website to download the YouTube videos on the Smartphone. Then you can easily post the video from your Smartphone to Instagram. Videos are very important because video has the potential to improve engagement.By posting videos on instagram, you can reach thousands of follower on instagram.

YouTube to Instagram (iPhone Version)

Now, this process is lengthy. The process has to go through certain apps and websites. But they are free, and you do not have to pay anything. 

  • First, you have to install the YouTube app and then find the video you want to download
  • Then you must get the URL of the video. You will get three dots on the right hand, and then the option SHARE is there, then Copy Link.
  • You have to press it long for a YouTube website, and you will get a copy option.
  • Now open in your phone browser and paste the video link.
  • Then select the quality and then click on the download. 
  • Then it would help if you visited CloudConvert, but you need to have an account on the website. It is fast, easy, and quick. Opt for Sign up and create an account accordingly.
  • Enter all the details and then check your email to confirm it and the account registration is complete.
  • Now from the option of select files, you can select and copy the link.
  • When the pop-up comes, you must paste the download.
  • The tool will check the video, and you will find the video name. 
  • Now in the drop-down of the video title, there is a format. 
  • Change the video format to MP4.
  • Then click on the Save file option to Dropbox.
  • Then in the new tab, login to your Dropbox account. 
  • Save in Dropbox and also opt for Start Conversion.
  • Wait for some time to upload the video to the Dropbox account. 
  • Dropbox is the last app that is available for both iOS and Android. After installing it, you can log in to the account and link the CloudConvert, shared above.
  • After you log, you will see the App folder on the tab of Home.
  • With the help of CloudConvert, save the video in the gallery.
  • You must click on three dots on the right-hand side and opt for the Save Video option.

How to Download on Desktop

Use the downloader named iTube HD Video; it is an app for the desktop which allows anyone to download video from the YouTube platform, and then you can transfer both iPhone or Android devices. The desktop version is also easy. And it also makes the download fun if you spend too much time on the desktop. Sharing the download file through a USB port is easy and fast. Make sure you follow the desktop download instruction as it is to get the exact result. These types of small tips can help in marketing and branding.There are some things about instagram story ads that every advertiser should know.


Now all the steps are clear to you. You can memorize, practice, and learn about all the steps and all of them are easy to follow. So, you can download any YouTube video and share it with your Instagram followers at any time. Use proper hashtags and captions to fetch more audiences to view your video. It makes the content relatable.

You find that you can download the video without any pain. It makes life simple. The download steps are explained pretty well, so you do not have to look here and there. It is easy to grasp and amazing to follow. Practice to know and make it easy for you. Waste no more time and download all these apps and download your favorite YouTube video. Let the world know what content you prefer to watch. 

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