Vaping users must keep themselves aware of these life-threatening effects of E-Cigarette. Acquaint yourself with the e-cigarette, brands, impacts and Comparative study of E-Cigarette and Smoking. Also Read About “Dash Diet Have Potential To Reduce Depression

What Is E-Cigarette

Warning for E-Cigarette Users on Media Democracy

The e-cigarette is a handheld electronic device that has been commonly used by the present generation exponentially. It stimulates the feeling of tobacco for the users. E-Cigarette generates an aerosol called ‘Vaper’ carries nicotine, glycol, glycerin also flavors. The higher tendency growing inclination for a smoking cigarette has been converted to electronic cigarettes. There are about 500 brands of e-cig and It has been assumed that it has less adverse effects because, the majority of toxic harmful chemicals are found in tobacco smoke whereas, such chemicals are absent in the aerosol of E-Cigarette.

The Acute Dreadful Result Of E-Cigarette

Warning for E-Cigarette Users on Media Democracy

Noticeably, an article study published in the scientific journal Environment Health perspectives researchers from Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg of public health. The study authors wanted to demonstrate the acute dreadful result of electronic cig users, by showing some definite evidence and practical researches. Essentially, they required having some appropriate test devices about three elements of an electrical cig, the liquid itself, the liquid inside the vape, (aerosol container) and the aerosol that oozing out of the pen. They were specifically interested in the metal coil that vape pens, turns into a vapor by heating up the liquid, this smoke contains toxic harmful chemicals. Their hypothesis was right that a significant amount of toxins, chromium, nickel, lead are present in electric cig, can because of respiratory diseases and even worse Lung Cancer. It may lead neurotoxicity (nervous system) and cardiovascular (heart) diseases. However, It was not based on precisely on mere assumption.

Comparative Study Of E-Cig And Smoking

Warning for E-Cigarette Users on Media Democracy

Serious adverse effects have been reported by many of their trials.  A study claimed that vaping is 95 percent healthier than smoking was highly criticized. One more study autherDr, Anamaria Rule sees comparatively equally hazardous results because of both contain metal and toxic substances. However, the health risks of electrical cig are uncertain and deadly. It can’t be said rightly that e-cig more likely much safer than that of tobacco cig. A simple cigarette contains toxin including lead and arsenic are not for tobacco users. Several studies have shown that the vaping is healthier than smoking as one studied show that the smoker’s body has more toxic substances than the vaper ‘s body. Additionally, some Doctor’s studied has been reported that the emission rates were similar between E-Cigarette and cigarette as the metals and toxic substances are present in both at different rates. By different analysis and due to potential results from chronic exposures to metals found in E-cig aerosols.

Final Words

Warning for E-Cigarette Users on Media Democracy

The more analytical qualitative and precisely study require more exposures of metals from e-cig use and their implication on human life and support regularity standard to protect human health. Measurements should be taken on government and private sector to get awareness about the pros and cons of e-cig users. People should know the worse effects of E-Cigarette as the consumption of it is getting higher with the passage of time. Nowadays, it has become highly demanding substance in modern society

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