When a person sends or receives Sexually explicit videos, photos, and messages using the various devices including mobile, or laptop. Teens Should Refrain Themselves From Sexting Side Effects. The term Sext was first introduced back in 2005. Though it can be an innocuous or noninjurious method, that millions of people opt to arouse their sexual desires. The trend of sexting has been tremendously increased, and everyone in five teens has confessed to having sexting. These sexual explorations have long-term and devasting side effects to a person, especially a teen.

If your child is a teenager, know him or her the adverse consequences of sexting. Make them aware of all the side effects of sexting that can refrain them from the shameful act. A survey has been conducted where more than 100 teens with an average age of 15 have experimented.

The result Suggested that

“As adults, those teens were two-and-a-half times more likely to experience sexual abuse, three-and-a-half times more likely to experience psychological violence, and are more likely to become a victim of intimate partner violence.”


Suppose your teenager girl who has been in a relationship with a man, and on his request, she has been sending him various sexually explicit and naked photos. What if they both parted their ways, and a girl will get pressurized or blackmailed for her nude photos or videos. It will be more like a mentally torturing. And on the severity of the situation, a person can even send the photos to some porn sites. It looks disgusting yet it’s a huge side-effect of sexting.

The photos will keep circulating

The images if are handed over to any porn site will remain circulating, and will never come to an end. Now consider the devasting psychological side effects the teenager will be going through.

Sexting lowers social reputation

Once you have sent some sexually explicit photos, the result will be nothing than a lifetime embarrassment. A child will feel ashamed and it adversely impacts a social reputation of a teenager and his parents.

Future relationships

The nude or sexually explicit stuff will badly impact your future relationship. If your partner will see such unscrupulous or immoral things it will bring the negative vibes and it has been a reason for many breakups.