All you need to know About Mahira khan

Mahira Khan, one of the most excellent performer artists in this era, who started her work as a teenager and she proved herself that she got the talent of par excellence. Baby Mahira Khan was born on 31 December 1984 in Karachi.

Mahira Khan on Media Democracy

She is the daughter of Hafeez Khan and belongs to the Urdu speaking Pathan. She also has her ancestral linkage with Indian Muslim family.

The Journey of Mahira Khan Career 

Mahira Khan on Media Democracy

The versatile, Mahira Khan has been working as a drama artist, profound model, also as a host over many past years. She already had gained the victory independently over numerous hearts and gathered a lot of her fan followings attention as a Vj. After catching the experience behind the camera and being a struggling star, she seemed as she solely believes in hard work and utmost devotion she set herself on the refine verge of acting.

Mahira Khan on Media Democracy

Interestingly enough her stardom of huge fans following has become the reason of envious of many ladies of today. Certainly, where she stands now, every girl can only imagine like a dream. Her talent is been acknowledged internationally, as she is recognized for playing roles with the natural character depiction at its best and no fake acting and artificiality amalgamation in her each character irrespectively as a drama artists and as a heroine she makes it appear natural effective.

Mahira Khan on Media Democracy

She likes to emerge herself in the character of any play and tries to execute it with all its dignity. That is must be the reason for likeness and acknowledgment for each of her role. As she started VJ music video jockey at different channels. Basically a VJ or Video Jockey and became the communicator between a musician or music videos at her very prime youth


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