Monica from ‘Friends’ felt sad after her wedding. She said, “I’m not a bride anymore. I’ll never be one again. Now, I’m just a wife.” She seemed upset because the wedding day was so special.

In the show, Monica’s feelings were meant to be funny. Her husband made a joke about being super happy. People might think Monica cared too much about one day instead of the happy married life ahead.

I get where Monica’s coming from. When my boyfriend proposed after eight years, I was thrilled! For 13 months, I loved being engaged. I felt proud wearing my ring and enjoyed all the perks: gifts, compliments, and likes on Instagram.

I had a blast at my bachelorette party, wore white outfits, and proudly talked about my fiancé. Maybe I was too excited, but I knew this bride thing was a one-time deal. I wanted to enjoy every bit of it.

Getting married was a super exciting time for this person. Before, when they were getting ready to be married, everything felt extra special, like when they went on trips or even did regular stuff like laundry. People were interested in their love story and wedding plans, and it made them feel happy.

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But after the wedding happened, that extra excitement kind of went away. They still love each other a lot, but life does not feel as thrilling as it did when planning their big day. Instead of discussing their romantic plans, they now talk about more serious stuff like money and taking care of their home. Sometimes, people ask them if the super lovey-dovey phase is over or when they will have kids, which is not as fun to answer.

Even though they are happy being married, they miss the fun and excitement of planning their wedding and having everyone so interested in their love story. It is like they miss the unique feeling of that time, even though they are still pleased together.

Sure, missing being a bride is not a strange feeling. Think of it as missing a fun party where everyone made a big deal about you. Like when friends got excited about your wedding and hyped you up heaps. Remember the special attention, the love from everyone, and feeling pretty darn special?

But here is the thing: admitting you miss all that attention is not seen as cool. Most folks try hard not to seem too eager about their big day because they do not want to be called a ‘bridezilla.’ They downplay it, wanting to be seen as relaxed about it all.

Movies and shows make us think being a bride is when we’re supposed to be happiest. Even if we don’t fully buy into that idea, when it’s all over, it’s natural to wonder if that was the best time of our lives.

I’m not saying life after being a bride is gloomy. Not at all. It is more like remembering a super special time, just like when we believed in Santa or lived with great roommates. We can not go back, but it would be nice to recreate some of that magic now and then.

Sure thing. You know when someone said I was sharing lots of wedding stuff on Instagram? Well, they kind of meant I should stop. But I just love remembering that special time, you know? I’m super grateful for those pics and videos.

I could have said something else: those pics cost a lot, so I want to make the most of them. It felt like we were famous, surrounded by people we love. And my dress? Oh, it was stunning! Plus, my hubby looked terrific. I know there shall be other good times, but that day? I can’t redo it. Let me enjoy this, you know?