The malignant cells that attacking foreskin or any part of the penis is termed as penile cancer. A deadly and threatening situation, that can be the worst nightmare of every guy out there that can result in losing your manhood altogether. Men with this disease will have to remove their penis partially or completely.  It is more common in men that are in their 70, or 80s. some precaution can lower the chance, but neither of them will assure you from the complete prevention.

Recently a man from Newcastle, England shared a heart-breaking news. A 25 year Dale Clarke has undergone various surgeries, some rounds of the chemotherapy while five operations under the radiotherapy. But always the stubborn tumour pops out of the skin.

Dale Clarke battle against penile cancer

Dale Clarke declares himself as a soldier that is battling against with penile cancer. He said that his sex life with a fiancé Paige King has completely ruined. Dale is a father of two kids, a six years son Cole, and a daughter that is due in July.

Dale said that all he wants to make memories with his family, he said,  my penis has no use instead of urinating from it.

He said the chemo is incredibly painful, but if it guarantees that I can stay with my kids for a long, I will give it another try,

The fiancé of Dale, Paige King has been an incredible carer and strength For him. He said it seems that she is doing a double job, due to lack of mobility I always need one person around me, and Paige and I still share the same bond of love.

Paige King said that Dale was a man who made me believe in love again, and our relationship is still the same without being physically intimate