It’s undeniable fact that Emma Watson is an aficionado whenever the matter of feminist or equal rights for women come. The beautiful lady has already accomplished many titles and praises all around the globe. Currently, Watson is a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. She is also standing firm against eco-friendly fashion. Emma Watson has performed amicably the most feminist film character beyond compare. Last Month Watson has donated £1m to a campaign Named “UK Justice and Equality Fund.” aiming to end Sexual harassment in the UK.

The lady has now seen wearing her cause right on her sleeves. Emma Watson inked a “Time’s Up” tattoo to the Oscars. It’s a proof that the lady is not hesitant in Flaunting what she believes in.

Reality Behind Emma Watson Tattoo Revealed on Media Democracy

There were also guests on the red carpet of Oscars that were wearing the Time’s UP pin but Watson went for something more permanent and prominent. Although it was not a permanent tattoo, yet still the lady has tried to bring something out of the box by printing two words “Times Up” on her arm. The tattoo was elegant and simplest and portrays something to the point. Watson has not commented on the design, but honestly, we don’t think she needs to. The tattoo was etched on her skin with cursive writing. Check Also 103+ Superb Mandala Tattoos Designs & Meaning

This is what she tweeted about the tattoo, declaring it to be Fake.

“Fake tattoo proofreading position available. Experience with apostrophes a must.”

Emma Watson on Her Tattoo

Reality Behind Emma Watson Tattoo Revealed on Media Democracy

This Is what Watson Said of the time’s up movement

“All of us are responsible for creating change, whatever industry you work in. We’re asking everyone to help create a world we can be proud of – one that is safe, just and equal,”

“Together we can spread our message, support the strong people of all genders who are taking such personal risks and make sure that this is one of those watershed moments in history where things never go back to the way they were before. This is the moment we stand together and say” #TIMESUP.”