69 Inspiring Tattoo Ideas for Men in 2022

Tattoo ideas for men are the accurate depiction of manliness and exhibit more about personality and individual preferences. Gone are the days when going under the needle was considered taboo. Now, tattoo ideas are becoming mainstream. However, the decision of what you should actually get inked on the body is challenging, as none of us wants to end up regretting the emblem in years to come. So to help you choose the better tattoo design for men, we have created this ultimate guide. It compiles some cool tattoos for men coupled with meaningful tattoos that carry a tremendous symbolic value.

Popular tattoos for men in 2022

As stated earlier, the blog unfolds some of the most inspiring tattoo ideas for men. So without further ado, feel free to jump straight to our collection of meaningful tattoos.

1. Small tattoo on finger, wrist or behind the neck

Small tattoo
Image Source: menshairstylesnow.com

Small tattoos are gaining popularity for some unique reasons. First, it is ideal for anyone who is about to get inked for the first time. Since they are tiny in size therefore not limited in terms of placement, get them anywhere you want, be it behind the neck, wrist, chest, or on your finger. They are discreet and appeal to anyone who wishes to cover themselves up.

 2. Simple Tattoos for men that symbolize significant meanings  

Simple Tattoos
Image Source: nextluxury.com

Most men are inclined towards meaningful yet straightforward tattoos. Minimalistic tattoos amp up the personality and command attention. The best part is they have significant symbolic meanings and generally focus on simple shapes. Simple tattoo ideas for men typically don’t have shading and coloured ink. Instead, they are simple, classic and depict the actual colour of your personality.

3. Animal Tattoos or animalistic object tattoos for men

Animal Tattoos
Image source: stylesatlife.com

Animal tattoos depict manliness; popular animal tattoos for men include lions, bears, wolves, ravens, and snakes. All these carry excellent meaning and are becoming extremely mainstream. Animal tattoos, in general, symbolize strength, endurance and depict how effectively you can overcome obstacles.  

4. Music tattoos to uplift the mood

Music tattoos
Image source: Pinterest

There is no denying that music plays an instrumental value in uplifting the mood. Music tattoos are perfect for those who have a great love for music and want to kick start a career as a musician or artist. When choosing a music tattoo, the sky’s the limit; you can evoke the creative artist within you and incorporate different designs to make it a mind-boggling piece of art.

5. Arrow tattoos to show the direction in life

Arrow tattoos
Image source: Nextluxry.com

Arrow tattoos since the time of immortality are considered to show the actual direction in life. In American culture, it represents strength and sometimes in a warrior’s body symbolizes protection. There are a variety of designs for arrow tattoos, and the complexity, however, is contingent upon the tattooer itself.

6. Feather tattoos that exhibit freedom and success

Feather tattoos
Image Source: Pinterest

Bird tattoos are also making a lot of waves among tattoo enthusiasts. All of us know that a bird soars above the sky; therefore, a feather tattoo represents freedom and success. Feather tattoos, however, are equally famous among men and women.

7. Incredible crown tattoos for men

Incredible crown tattoos
Image source: Pinterest

Have you ever felt you have the characteristics of a king? If so, get a crown tattoo to show the world about qualities associated with royalties. The crown tattoo represents different things like self-control or the desire to be better in life. Since we are talking about the best tattoos for men, another popular choice is a matching crown tattoo with their partner.

8. Car tattoos for men that look incredibly eye-catching

Car tattoos for men
Source: Pinterest

There will hardly be a guy who is not passionate about the vehicle. So you can get a car tattoo to show your passion for the world and make it a lifetime memory. Car tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and are incredibly eye-catching. If you have an emotional attachment to a car or have a deep association with any vehicle, you can ink its model on the chest or a shoulder to cherish its memory for good.

9. Family tattoo to show the love and devotion

Family tattoo
Image source: Pinterest

The love for family is ingrained in us; even animals are not the exception; they care for their children and partner. Family tattoos are considered the best tattoos for men as they exhibit association and loyalty for the family. An artist can craft a family tattoo differently, either by inking meaningful quotes, dates of birth, names or realistic portraits.

10. Scorpion tattoo – a popular choice among men


Do you know every tattoo has some excellent aesthetic benefits? They don’t just beautify the body. They make it more expressive and bold. Scorpion tattoo for men is a perfect choice for men to get inked. Many people associate it with strength and protection. 

11. Portrait Tattoo that fits your style

Now and then, we see more men and women with unique body art. Portrait tattoos are also gaining immense popularity; however, we suggest choosing the tattoo that you feel like it’s symbolic and significant fits right on your personality. Don’t be rushed when it comes to tattoos. If you get any random portrait without thorough research you probably end up disappointed.

12. Tattoo lettering and font ideas

Lettering tattoos are basic, and every tattoo enthusiast may have at least one letter on their forearm, neck, chest or any other part of the body. However, the thing that makes them unique is the letter itself, along with the font style. The font style has various varieties, from the basic arial font to the beautiful calligraphy. You can ask the tattoo artist to show you the options in font before you get yourself any random ink.

13. Mind-boggling Skull Tattoo on your forearm

Skull tattoos look horrifying as they signify death but have been loved by men who want to show they are not scared of death. A Skull tattoo on the forearm exhibits how tough or brave the man is. Since skull tattoos are gaining more popularity, the interpretation of these tattoos also varies.

14. Cross Tattoo to honour your faith

Cross tattooing has been trending among the Christian community since the dawn of time. This is because the Christian community sees it as an essential part of their faith. It represents Jesus Christ’s willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of good in humanity. There are also different ways to interpret the design; it can be detailed and incorporate various elements which elevate its meaning.

15. Star Tattoo to show hope, guidance and wish

You often see stars on a guy’s chest or forearm and ponder what they mean? Well, a star tattoo exhibits hope, guidance, and wish for better things in future. Hence, whoever wears these astronomical objects onto the skin, can only tell what the star tattoo means to them.


16. Money Tattoo to keep you motivated towards financial goals

There is a famous saying, ‘ save money and money will save you. A money tattoo represents wealth, success and profit. So if you are career-oriented or want to become a business tycoon, then a bill or coin tattoo will mean your passion for it. The tattoo will keep you motivated towards any career or financial goal.

17. Angel Tattoo to exhibit purity and spiritual development

Angel tattoos show your devotion or love towards the one who has passed away. More so, it also exhibits your passion for your religion. People interpret this superstitious being differently and have their personalized meaning. Some get ink tattoos for the sake of protection and guidance.

18. Tribal tattoos to honour the heritage 

Tribal tattoos are synonymous with deep and meaningful tattoos. The artistic representation of tribal tattoos is what distinguishes it from the rest of the available choices. A tribal tattoo in general contains a special message for the tribe and honour the heritage. These pieces look amazing on shoulders as well as on arms.

19. Name tattoos or meaningful tattoos 

If you want to have a name tattoo, make sure that it is meaningful and holds special significance in your life. Did you know undergoing a tattooing process improves the immune system? How? Because when an outside ink enters into the human body, the immune system attacks the ink and causes a little swelling in some people. And when someone goes for several tattoos, the immune system repeats the same process numerous times that ultimately boosts the power of the immune system.

20. Snake tattoos that represent danger

Here comes my favourite! Snake tattoos are quite badass! Snake tattoos are the popular types of men’s tattoos and come in various shapes and designs. Some people prefer snake tattoos in vivid colour and large pieces while some opt for simple black tattoos that symbolizes danger.

21. Elephant tattoos associated with prosperity 

The interpretation associated with elephant tattoos make it the perfect option for a man to have it. Since elephants are a majestic animal considered a sign for wisdom and power. In other words, it is a creature that exhibits power, good luck, prosperity and loyalty. There are different options for elephant tattoos, you either can choose a small elephant with uncomplicated design or a giant one with special patterns.  

22. Compass tattoo exhibiting a strong sense of direction

Compass is a navigational instrument that points towards direction. A compass tattoo with a little bit of design can make it a super cool tattoo for men. In general, people associate compass tattoos with a strong sense of direction and love for travel.

23. A phoenix tattoo symbolizing bravery

A phoenix symbolizes rebirth and renewal; it is also associated with fire and regenerates, rising from the ashes.  A phoenix tattoo typically appeals to anyone who has survived from a tough time. The design looks super cool when inked with some vivid colors.

24. Wolf tattoos representing wildness and freedom

Wolf tattoo is generally a preference of family oriented males, who show love, devotion, and respect towards the family.  Since wolves live in a pack and survival is contingent upon their unity. It also reinforces the idea of familial bond and the need to be there for each at the time of need. Apart from representing love for family, a wolf tattoo also represents a desire to be wild.


25. Religious tattoos for religious men

Religious tattoos are perfect for those that are perfect for individuals who want to show their association towards religion. For instance, a dove is relevant to Christians while the Buddha is significant to Buddhists. Put simply, they are connected to a person’s spirituality or the people who want to show what it means to them.  

26. Dragon Tattoo representing fierceness and mystery

Tattoos can escalate self confidence and dragon tattoos do it more rightly! It basically represents wisdom, fearlessness and power. Different perceive them differently, some find it good while some find it bad. Hence, it is mainly a person’s perception. Depending on the design, size and colors, it can show passion, fierceness or mystery.  

27. Tree of life tattoo to show cultural symbolism

Nature tattoos are excellent to get inked on the skin as they are meaningful and look eye-catching if you count upon a pro tattoo artist. Tree of life tattoo basically represents immortality, strength, renewal and cultural symbolism.  

28. Moon tattoos that are transformative and magical

The sky at night can become very dark without the moon. Moon tattoos are drawn in different designs and colours and look incredibly cool regardless of the pattern or on what size you ink them on the body. They look more beautiful when drawn on the forearm.

29. Koi fish tattoos to represent good fortune and wealth

Koi fish has great importance in Japanese and Chinese cultures and koi fish tattoos are a symbol of determination, strength and perseverance. The importance of the species is contingent upon the size, colour, design and shading. There are varieties of things that make the things pop. The red hues represent love, blue manliness, yellow and orange connected with wealth and good fortune.

30. Dragonfly tattoos with astonishing great patterns 

Dragonfly tattoos have an excellent range of hidden meanings but generally people associate it with harmony, luck and peace. You can find many inspiring designs for dragonfly tattoos like the ones we have added below.  

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