Tattoos are Halal or Haram?

Tattoos are cute impressions that camouflage your skin permanently and somehow change your appearance especially when you are getting inked in your face. Initially, tattoos were not widely accepted in different cultures and religions. Sooner the tattoos began gaining acceptance and people stopped looking down to people with tattoos on their bodies. There are still religious beliefs that stop you from getting a tattoo, the reason of calling a tattoo unacceptable will have some logical history and convincing evidence. We would dive deep to know that what Islam has said about tattooing? Is getting a tattoo in Islam is halal or haram?

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Tattoos are Islam:

Different scholars have varied aspects and opinion in relation to needling a tattoo for good. But the majority have regarded tattoos as haram or forbidden in Islam. Scholars who find tattoo haram based on a hadith, of Sahih Bukhari

“It was narrated that Abu Juhayfah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: ‘The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) cursed the one who does tattoos and the one who has a tattoo done.’ “

Why a person with a tattoo is cursed is not mentioned in the hadith. Though these are the perspectives or outlines given by the scholars.

  • Tattoo mutilate the original form of the body and that is why the tattoos are forbidden.
  • When you get a tattoo, you are giving your body an unnecessary pain, and that can be a form of deception.
  • Tattoos alter the originality of body shape and are a form of deception

tattoos in Islam

  • Wrapping up the article

    Some body modifications are allowed like piercing ear, dying the hair, using contact lenses as these are all temporary, but changing and having something in your body for good that has no any use or purpose can be considered haram.

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