6 Creative Floating Oak Shelves Ideas For Your Home

Are you a wanna-be plant mom that can’t even keep a spider plant alive? No fear, succulents will look fantastic on our oak floating shelf. Bring a sense of greenery and uniqueness to your room by displaying your succulent collection on your oak floating shelf. 

Try some with painted pots to add that splash of extra character! You can even paint them yourself or with your family as a bonding lock down activity. Pumpkins may be out now, but succulents are in! 

Keep Those Toys Off The Floor!

Children can be messy – we get it! They love to play and leave their toys all over the place, for you to step on in the middle of the night. If you’ve ever trod on a piece of lego at three in the morning, while on the way for your nighttime toilet visit, you will know how much of a problem this is. 

oak shelves

A simple toy chest can feel cumbersome, and it takes up a lot of precious floor space. The other problem is when you put all the toys away, it seems they all come out again after only a short period of time. You are stuck in an endless cycle of putting toys away. 

With our oak floating shelf, you can keep Mr Teddy up and out of harm’s way, along with Choo-Choo the train and all their friends. This is all without taking up floor space, meaning your little one will have room to run around to their heart’s content.  

Your Personal Mini-Library

oak bookshelf

Not enough space for a bookshelf? Books on every windowsill and table surface? We get it. Having books all over the place is a really easy way to make your house look messy. If you don’t have the room for a whole bookshelf though, it happens easily. 

oak bookshelf

Free-standing bookshelves are tricky to assemble, they dominate entire portions Are you looking for the ultimate attractive storage solution for your home? Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and unassuming, with their minimal designs and natural oak finishes, but they are sturdy and long-lasting. This is due to oak’s ability to get harder as it ages. 

Your oak floating shelf will be a naturally beautiful feature in the space it inhabits, with the characterful and unique fissures. With our clever invisible hardware solution, your shelf’s attachment to the wall will truly look seamless.   

A Succulent Display Shelf

Oak Floating Shelf

of your room, and you can’t even reach the top shelves!  An oak floating shelf will provide you with an elegant storage solution, so that you can show off your book collection, while keeping it out of the way. You can group your floating shelves in clusters, so your book display will look exactly how you want it to. Style it out with a snow globe or two as book-ends! 

Seasonal decorations

oak shelves decor

Our oak floating shelves are perfect for mini Christmas trees, tinsel or a chanukiah. You can even hang fairy lights off them! Bring a subtle seasonal cheer to your house, by using the shelves as platforms to show off your festive spirit. 

Never lose anything again!

wooden bookshelf

Are you the type of person who always leaves things like keys, wallets and headphones on a side somewhere, then can never find them again? It is far more common than you think! Clutter on a table becomes indeterminable white noise and will really mess up the feng shui in a room. 

Use stenciled shapes on our oak floating shelves as designated spots for your commonly lost items. If your keys aren’t on the key section, then you can panic. If your wallet isn’t where it is supposed to be, then consider cancelling your cards. 

Of course, it is up to you to remember to put your items in their designated spaces, but we can only do so much for you! 

Treat jars 

Are your children always getting into your biscuit supply and ruining their suppers? Maybe your kitchen counters are too low, or they are becoming expert climbers. Either way, if eating between meals is preventing your kids from fully appreciating the balanced colorful meals you spend hours producing for them, then consider installing an oak floating shelf. 

We recommend installing it just out of their reach, and away from any other surface they could use to gain access to the treats. Bring snack time back into your control and make dinner great again. 

All in all 

In all seriousness, some oak floating shelves will be a solid addition to your life. The ones we make have fitting instructions and hardware for fitting provided. The process is comprehensively explained and easy to fit, and the shelves arrive with holes pre-drilled for their installation. 

What are you waiting for? You can’t go wrong. Head to our site today. 

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