If you have excess hair on your legs, underarms, back, groin, buttocks, or other areas of your body, you know how inconvenient it can be. Not only is it bad for aesthetic reasons, but it also causes skin irritation, scratches, and other problems. Ingrown hairs are the worst, as they carry a considerable risk of infections if not treated correctly in time. You might have tried waxing, shaving, plucking, or threading, but the results unsatisfied you. You can look for “laser hair removal near me” on your preferred search engine to look for a clinic specializing in aesthetic treatment to take care of excess hair growth on your body effectively. Lasers are effective because they take less time, are highly precise, and don’t have any side effects generally associated with other methods. Before that, you might look at these commonly asked questions and answers that will help you get an idea about it.

What should you avoid before the treatment?

You might want to avoid certain things perior to the treatment to receive the maximum benefits. The first is preventing exposure to the sun at least two to three weeks before the procedure. You might also consider shaving the area and cleaning it before your appointment day. Blood thinners and topical medications such as Retinol are best avoided some days before because they will increase your skin’s sensitivity to the laser, making the treatment painful. You must inform the physician about any medications you are on. 

Which areas does the procedure work in?

You can choose to get your hair removed from any part of your body. Usually, laser clinics divide the body into specific areas to help simplify the process. These areas are small, medium, large, extra-large, and entire body. The small area includes the ears, sideburns, lips, chins, space between the eyebrows, cleavage, knuckles, and toes. The medium area incorporates the neck’s back, hands, feet, some parts of the buttocks, inner thigh, lower face, and front area of the neck. Large area refers to the entire arms and face, the front portion of the torso, groin, and buttocks. If you choose to get hair removed for the whole of the legs, it will be counted as extra-large areas, while any part of the body below the neck is called the full-body area.

What is the duration of the hair removal process?

The specific time of the hair removal process depends on the area being treated, the amount of hair, and other factors. However, small areas such as the lips, chins, knuckles, or toes don’t take more than thirty minutes, while large regions might take more than an hour. 

Is the treatment permanent?

The laser hair removal treatment will only have permanent results if followed by regular touch-up sessions every few years. The reason behind that is the hair’s eventual growth despite being treated by lasers because of medications, aging, or other reasons. However, it is easy to remove the regrowth if you have taken treatment previously. 

Will you feel any pain during the procedure?

Removal of hair using lasers will cause you slight discomfort, but nothing intolerable. People who have taken the treatment describe the feeling as similar to rubber bands snapping on the skin. But even then, the pain level is relatively low compared to other hair removal forms. 

What is the waiting time between sessions?

If the area being treated is above the neck, the sessions will be timed between four to six weeks apart. Parts above it will require six to eight weeks after each session.

These are some most commonly asked questions and answers you should know while searching for “laser hair removal near me” online. Being aware of a few aspects of the treatment will help you prepare for the treatment accordingly and ensure you get the best results.