Instagram story ads exist atop the news feed and are also full-screen and vertical. Ever since the platform announced the release of story ads, advertisers had reason to be excited. As 500 million people use Stories every day and they also have found to be highly converting. So in today’s blog, we will show you how to utilize Instagram story ads to generate more leads and sales in conjunction with tips to maximize the results. 

What are Instagram story ads

A full-screen vertical picture or video that appears between the organic story. It is easy to identify Instagram story ads as they come with the SPONSORED text. These ads are generally utilized to target a particular segment of the market and give them a call to action to follow that can be anything from ‘see menu, shop now, sign up’ or anything. The purpose is, however, to redirect the audience to your website or anywhere you want.

So, if a user is intrigued by the type of content, he can swipe up on the story ad to reach the targeted destination that can be an eCommerce site, brand site or anything. Pay serious consideration in this section ( content creation ) as it will translate the viewers into the customer – the content of the ad should align well with the interest of the audience you are targeting. If it is not, you are not likely to get the results you are hoping for.

Instagram story ads are a fantastic option for anyone who wants to gain a competitive edge from competitors, generate more sales or leads, or simply increase brand reputation. So, whatever the goals are, Instagram story ads can be extremely beneficial and help you achieve the business goals. 

Why Instagram story ads are important 

There are over 500 million users that use Instagram stories every single day. Different studies demonstrate the Snapchat like feature has shown to be high converting. Over 58{372d7f546716a25386f07395033cc2670be246344133ba7027db1030f79178c5} have confessed they became more interested in a brand’s offering after seeing it in their stories. Over 50{372d7f546716a25386f07395033cc2670be246344133ba7027db1030f79178c5} of users said they had visited the website to buy a product or service right after the brand’s ad appeared on their organic stories. As of now, brands swamp their strategies with two high converting methods: buy Instagram followers and utilize story ads to reach a broader audience in a reasonably short duration. The latter is, however, more economical and bring forward quick result in somewhat less time. So wait not, utilize any of these strategies to drive your business to success. 

How to make an Instagram story ad?

First thing first, before you head into the section, make sure you are clear about your campaign’s objective. Since Facebook owns Instagram, so the advertising method has a significant resemblance; refining audience, targeting, and retargeting are somewhat same as in Facebook. There is also an option to run Instagram ads along with other options; however, it will be wiser to make some granular adjustments before you do it.

When running a single image ad, you need to upload separate images for the Facebook, Instagram stories and feed. Moreover, there will be three options to choose format, square, landscape and vertical. The recommended resolution is 600 x 1067. The type of image can be JPG, or .png file type can be .mp4 or .mov. 

How to prevent swipe through?

Every new advertiser often questions; how to stop the proverbial thumb despite having an intrusive ad. As we have mentioned earlier, there is no BIG difference between an organic story and a sponsored story. However, in both formats, the biggest challenge is to stand out from the crowd while not representing a complete departure. To help you to prevent swipe through, we are presenting you some fantastic tips:

  • Always utilize custom or look-a-like audience: It is one of the easiest ways to avoid swiping through. Use Facebook custom audience for remarketing prospects that are already interested in the brand. You can utilize the five segments, custom file, website traffic, engagement, offline activity, and app activity using a custom audience. 
  • Try a carousel: Carousel ads not only bring some great results for Facebook but are also well-suited for Instagram. However, bear in mind that carousel ads cannot be run with other placement ads. They need to be built on their own. 
  • Create something magical: People always want to interact with something meaningful that they can relate to. So look out what your prospect crave and build the ad image, caption or call to action accordingly. 

Wrapping up the article 

Instagram story ads are not as employed of placement as compared to the Instagram feed. Therefore, there is an excellent opportunity for small businesses lying in wait. They should consider utilizing story ads to knock out their competitors. Every business should give Instagram story ads a try before it gets more saturated with competing brands.