Reality Behind The Justin Bieber Tattoos Revealed

Justin Bieber an inspiring American singer has been the source of motivation for the millions of lives out there. Justin had made his passion and love crystal-clear about the tattoos apart of all the tabloid noise. in this article, we have dived deep in providing every detail about Justin Bieber tattoos. So, go through a comprehensive roadmap to know the realities behind the Justin Bieber tattoos.

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1. “Bird Hip” Justin Bieber Tattoo

Justin Bieber bird hip tattoo

you can witness a seagull or small bird tattoo on his left hip. This is the first ever tattoo that Justin inked on his hips back on March 2010. The tattoo symbolizes the seagull from the table. This tattoo is regarded as the family tattoo of Bieber, as most of the family members have needled the same tattoo.

2. “Ribcage” Justin Bieber Tattoo

Justin beiber tattoo

Below his rib cage, there is another tattoo reads ” Yeshua” has got inked meaning Jesus in Hebrew. Justin’s father also had the same tattoo on the exact position. justin had it inked on 2011, on the ” My World Tour in Israel”.

3. Justin Bieber Tattoos On Leg

Justin bieber jesus tattoo

The rockstar is undoubtedly a big believer of Jesus Christ. He also inked a picture of Jesus with a crown of thorns and a halo above his head.

4. “Folded Hands” Justin Bieber tattoos

Justin beiber leg tattoo

On the left leg of Justin, there is also a pair of praying hands. this tattoo is also a spiritual reflection of Bieber. {raying hands show the gratitude and faith in Almighty.

5. Justin Bieber “Believe” Tattoo On the Left Arm

justin bieber believe tattoo

Justin has inked almost each of his body part. He also inked his arm with a word Believe. The inspiration of the tattoo was taken from his Album. The word Believe is inked with black ink and featured near to his elbow.

6. Justin Bieber Chinese Ink Tattoo

Justin Bieber Chinese Tattoo

Bieber is a music guy and his love for music does not require any explanation. below his believe tattoo there is another Chinese character tattoo meaning music.

7. “Chest Crown” Justin Bieber Tattoo

justin bieber crown tattoo chest

On 2012, just inked himself with a crown tattoo. The crown tattoo is relatable to many things, like majesty to indicate royal family, domination, wealth or sophistication.

8. “Owl” Justin Bieber Tattoo

justin bieber owl tattoo.

justin inked a large black and white owl tattoo on his forearm. The amazing and mind-boggling work has done to craft the masterpiece. the owl tattoo generally symbolizes the wisdom, intelligence, and education.

9. “Rose” Justin Bieber Tattoo

justin bieber rose tattoo

Justin has a number of rose tattoos filled with the white and black tattoo. The rose tattoos are inked below the praying hands. The bunch of rose tattoos speaks about commitment, hope, faith, and hard work. moreover red rose also symbolize the Mature blooming of your love towards a special person.

10. Justin Bieber “Hockey” Tattoo

justin bieber hockey tattoo

There is an also shoulder back tattoo testimony to his grandfather, who always inspired him. In remembrance of his grandfather, he has inked it permanently on his back.

11. Roman Numeral Justin Bieber Tattoo

justin bieber roman numeral tattoo

Justin always showed an immense love for his mother Patricia Mallette. The tattoo is on his right collarbone. The tattoo inked in roman letters shows his Mother birth year which is 1975.

12. “Forearm Christ X Symbol” Justin Bieber Tattoo

Forearm Christ X Symbol Justin Bieber Tattoo.

justin is undoubtedly has been a religious brat throughout his life. He dedicated his body parts by getting a large tattoo of Christ on his left forearm. The tattoo is inked next to owl tattoo, and he got it done in London.

13. Justin Bieber “Koi Fish” Arm Tattoo

Justin Bieber Koi Fish Arm Tattoo

Justin Bieber has got a koi fish tattoo on his arm. Koi is actually a Japanese meaning for Carp. It is a symbol used to overcome hurdles.

14. Justin Bieber “Tiger” Tattoo

justin bieber tiger tattoo

The tiger tattoo lay inked on left bicep of Bieber. The White tiger tattoo is elegantly drawn with the teeth bared. Tiger tattoos are for the representation of Fierce, Brutish force and strength.

15. “Selena Gomez Angel” Justin Bieber Tattoo

Selena Gomez Angel Justin Bieber Tattoo

He had an angel tattoo that is exactly the same of a Salena Gomez photograph from Elle magazine that after his break up is covered up with some shading.

16. “Knight & Sword” Justin Bieber Tattoos

Knight & Sword Justin Bieber Tattoos

On the inner side of the left arm of Justin Bieber, there is an also a knight and sword tattoo. the tattoo looks incredibly cool and nostalgic.

17. “Castle & Blasting Waves” Justin Bieber Tattoos

Castle & Blasting Waves Justin Bieber Tattoos

It is often the most visible tattoo that stars with a big castle, having a smashing wave on his arm. Castle tattoos symbolize power, safety and wealth. bieber’s father had the castle tattoo, later Justin had drawn on his left arm.

18. Justin Bieber “Bleeding Globe” Tattoo

Justin Bieber Bleeding Globe Tattoo

A tattoo all bleeding and being crucified on a cross, also featuring a crown of thorns is worn by Justin. the tattoo is close to the same position, where Salena Gomes has an angel tattoo.

19. Eyeball Of Justin Bieber’s Mother Tattoo

Eyeball Of Justin Bieber's Mother Tattoo

On the right arm of Justin, there is an eyeball tattoo, that eyeball has huge similarity to Justin’s mother. The purpose of the tattoo is to honor his mother and shows his love for the mother.

20. Justin Bieber “Bible Verse” Tattoo

Justin Bieber Bible Verse Tattoo

There is another tattoo on as “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path,” taken from Psalm 119:105. The tattoo also shows the love and affinity of Justin towards religion.

21. Justin Bieber “Eagle” Tattoo

Justin Bieber Eagle Tattoo

You may also witness an eagle tattoo with its hooks all out is inked on Bieber’s left arm. it also incorporates the few beautiful clouds as well. the eagle is to show endurance, laser-like-focus, and courage.

22. “Better At 70” Justin Bieber Tattoo

Better At 70 Justin Bieber Tattoo

As per Justin’s own statement, he had many securities, regrets in his life, and he wants to every day to be a better person in his 70s. Therefore he inks a tattoo namely ” better at 70 “.

23. “Star” Justin Bieber Tattoo On Left Arm

Star" Justin Bieber Tattoo On Left Arm

In between a rose and wing tattoo, there also a start tattoo inked. A star tattoo is for the exploration and guidance. A north star is inked in ancient time that shows the navigation and safety.

24. Justin Bieber “Jester” Tattoo On Arm

Justin Bieber Jester Tattoo On Arm

After the Kanji tattoo, there is a jester tattoo. The tattoo is for the people who believe life is a game and don’t stress over the hindrance coming in their ways.

25. Justin Bieber “Compass” Tattoo

Justin Bieber Compass Tattoo

On Justin’s left bicep there is also a compass tattoo. Compass tattoo is in vague and people prefer it for infinite reseasons. Generally, a compass tattoo is for the people who want to seek the right path in their lives.

26. Justin Bieber “Love” Tattoo

Justin Bieber Love Tattoo

There is another tattoo horizontally drawn in a black Gothic calligraphy. We have an assumption that the reason behind the ” Love tattoo” is for his former girlfriend Salena Gomez.

27. “Treble Clef” Justin Bieber Tattoo

Treble Clef Justin Bieber Tattoo

Justin’s soprano tattoo will include a beautiful clef inked. He has drawn behind his left ear. It was drawn by none other than tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy.

28. Justin Bieber “Chest Cross” tattoo

Justin Bieber Chest Cross tattoo

Justin is a believer of Christianity, and that can be more elucidated from his tattoos. justin has inked a cross tattoo on his chest.

29. Justin Bieber “Forgive” Tattoo

Justin Bieber Forgive Tattoo

There is also another tattoo on Justin’s body ” Forgive” that shows that he is a God fearing guy.

30. Justin Bieber “Banksy’s Balloon Girl” Tattoo 

Justin Bieber Banksy’s Balloon Girl Tattoo

Justin Bieber went under the needle for a tattoo paying gratitude to the ever renowned urban street artist Banksy.

31. “Diamond” Justin Bieber tattoo 

Diamond Justin Bieber tattoo

Justin also inked a diamond tattoo on his right wrist. The beautiful tattoo gets featured in the album “ Confident” that was a collaboration with the chance rapper.

32. Justin Bieber Tattoo On Face

Justin Bieber Tattoo On Face

Below the left eye, Justin has inked a tiny cross tattoo.

33. “Graffiti Star” Justin Bieber Tattoo

Graffiti Star Justin Bieber Tattoo

Justin Bieber has a graffiti tattoo on his arm. Graffiti is a very creative art and gives a classy look too.

34. “Patience” Justin Bieber Tattoos

Patience Justin Bieber Tattoos

Below the ear, and to the right side of the neck, Justin has inked with a patience tattoo. The tattoo is inked with a beautiful blackish Gothic-style calligraphy.

35. Justin Bieber “Leaf” Tattoos

Justin Bieber Leaf Tattoos

In the inner arm, and close to the elbow, Justin had a leaf tattoo that symbolizes life, a circle of life, and death. It somehow also relatable to life’s prosperity and love for nature.

36. “LL” Justin Bieber Tattoo

LL Justin Bieber Tattoo

In 2015, inked with another tattoo and that is “ LL” meaning low lift that shows one should lift himself up.

37. “G” Justin Bieber Tattoo

G Justin Bieber Tattoo

A “G” tattoo on Justin arm is due to his love, tribute and affection for “ Georgia” who had a disorder known as Lissencephaly. The story of the little girl inspired many people, even justice get a tattoo “ G” for the honor of Georgia.

38. “Purpose” Justin Bieber Tattoo

Purpose Justin Bieber Tattoo

Honoring his fourth studio album, Justin has tattooed a word “Purpose” on his stomach.

39. “Wings” Justin Bieber Tattoos On Back Neck

Wings Justin Bieber Tattoos On Back Neck

On the back neck of Justin, you often see a pair of beautiful angel wings tattoo, that is the depiction of high speed and determination.

40. “Son Of God” Justin Bieber Tattoo

Son Of God Justin Bieber Tattoo

Another religious tattoo laid on above the “Purpose Tattoo”. Justin reads or declares the tattoo as “Son of God Tattoo “.

41. “Lion” Justin Bieber Tattoo

Lion Justin Bieber Tattoo

Justin has a lion tattoo on his chest, that shows the brutish, and strong nature. It somehow also represents the determination and laser- like-focused towards his passion.


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