Jermaine Cole aka J. Cole is known to be an amazing American rapper, singer, and producer. He has gained wide recognition when his debut mixtape was released in 2007. The “come up” did some great work for the artist and helped him in gaining more fan following. Furthermore, the debut even helped him to be a mainstream rapper that permitted to add more and more shares in his pocket. The net-worth is inspiring to the noobs, who are prepared and needs an idol to come ahead as a rapper or singer. The net worth of  J. Cole is $16 Million.

Let’s move ahead and know the story of Jermaine Cole, how he reached in his current position, his early life, and career

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Early Life & Education Of Jermaine Cole

The singer was born in Frankfurt, Germany on 28th January 1985. The parents of the artist played crucial role for his career. Cole’s father was a former soldier while his mother served some years in postal services. He began rapping at a fairly young age, he was 12 when his mother first introduced him as a Christmas rapper. He graduated with majors communication and business from the St. John’s University.

Early Life & Education Of Jermaine Cole | Jermaine Cole Net Worth, Career & Early Life on Media Democracy

J. Cole’s Career:

Cole had notebooks full of ideas, lyrics, and songs. He had a lack of resources for producing beats, then his mother bought some essential equipment that helped him in quenching his passion for meeting the needs of producing music.  After his debut album, The Come Up two years later The Warm-Up was released that was more hit, and allowed him to collaborate with even big names including Jay z.

J. Cole's Career | Jermaine Cole Net Worth, Career & Early Life on Media Democracy

until now the artist has collaborated with many great names including Drake, Wale, Jay-Z etc, that made his estimated net worth more than $15.5 Million.