69 Inspiring Tattoo Ideas for Men in 2022

Family tattoo

Tattoo ideas for men are the accurate depiction of manliness and exhibit more about personality and individual preferences. Gone are the days when going under the needle was considered taboo. Now, tattoo ideas are becoming mainstream. However, the decision of what you should actually get inked on the body is challenging, as none of us … Read more

Sizzling Women Neck Tattoos 2019 Collection

We are ecstatic to show you first time the best ever collection of the neck tattoos for women. Our guide that will run you through you a gallery loaded with extensive designs, that are gathered after a thorough analysis on the contemporary and best art available for women in 2019. Dazzling neck tattoo For  Women: … Read more

31+ Cool & Attractive Fox Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

31+ Cool & Attractive Fox Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

Want a tattoo that is the perfect blend of ostentatious and friendship. Foxy imprint is for the people who are willing to camouflage the skin to show some sly talents. Foxes are the omnivorous mammals that are relatable to many genres. They possess some unique appearance and have a lifespan of one to three years. … Read more

33+ Cool Celtic Tattoos & Meaning

33+ Cool Celtic Tattoos & Meaning on Media Democracy

Ink has done wonders with the thought of a man like intimidating the enemy to highlighting the meaning of life.The Celtic tattoos are more symbolic and are featured with intricate knots and loops. The story behind the Celtic tattoos is fascinating and take you back to the iron world. Indo-European ethnolinguistic societies using celtic language … Read more