What Happens When You Get 10k Followers on Instagram

It is often frustrating to know that Kylie Jenner, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne ‘The Rock’, Lionel Messi, Kim Kardashian make millions for each SPONSORED post. Yet, at the same time, we still struggle to see the follower count rise. One of the instrumental metrics every brand looks at before reaching out to the influencer is ‘Number of Followers’. Therefore, it is critical for every Instagrammer who aspires to be an Influencer to have a massive following. The article unearths detail how you get 10k followers on Instagram and what exactly happens when you reach the milestone.

How to strategically set an Instagram milestone

Here’s how you can strategically set three milestones to reach 10k followers. Remember, you need to stay consistent and spend at least 4 hours a week to see your profile rocking.

  1. Reach 100 followers

As soon as you start the profile, the first milestone you should accomplish is ‘reaching 100 followers’. The objective is certainly not hard to achieve, primarily if you focus on the right keyword strategy and consistently produce high-end content. Apart from this, buy real Instagram followers. Reaching 100 followers give you access to Instagram insight; however, be sure to switch your account to a creator account to kickstart the journey to success.

  1. Reach 1000 followers

You won’t receive new features but gaining 1000 followers is the second most important milestone. If you are able to get 1000 people interested in the brand, you are more likely to get ten times more that is 10,000.

  1. Reach 10,000 followers

Gaining 10,000 followers is the ultimate goal of every Instagramer who aspires to be an influencer. Gaining 10k allows you to have a blue tick. In conjunction with that,, you can get amazing sponsored deals and will begin earning.

Can I start making money when my follower’s count reaches 10,000?

People are making a considerable sum of money from Instagram. Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo are some big names that earn millions of dollars for one sponsored post. For example, Kylie Jenner is paid $1.2 million for one sponsored post. It is not easy to be one of them, yet luckily enough, people with as little as 1000 followers can make money. However, the income will not be that impressive! Engagement ratio, audience demographics, follower count, is elements that decide your rate per sponsored post. When anyone reaches 10,000, he can claim for the blue tick, add links to their stories, and get paid for supporting different brands. There are also several ways to enable you to earn a passive income through Instagram! Some of the proven and wealth-generating methods are discussed below in the article.

How to make money on Instagram?

Different methods allow you to make money on Instagram; some of them are listed below.

Promote affiliate link

To start making money from affiliate marketing, begin by joining high-paying affiliate programs so that you can promote the link and earn commission from each sale through your profile. Affiliate links can bring massive money if done right. No matter how many followers you have, affiliate marketing is possible as you can place a clickable link in your bio.

Publish sponsored posts

Influencer marketing is escalating at an unprecedented rate: over 90% of individuals trust word of mouth recommendations. Over 76% said they trust the content shared by public people rather than a brand. One great part about sponsored ads is that you don’t need to have a lot of followers to sponsor any product on Instagram. But, if your following is not impressive, it is more likely you will have a lower amount of money from an individual who has a massive following.

Write captions for businesses

No matter how big or small the business is, they want to promote their services on social media. As per a survey, 92% of small brands invest more time and energy on Instagram marketing! On the other hand, the big brands have great in-house content creation staff; small businesses often outsource services to reduce social media costs. To help out the brand, provide engaging social media marketing and inbound services. You must give the people the benefits that they are unlikely to attain from their rivals.


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