When you hear a world prize bond, you may start relating it to your luck. A prize bond can make you an overnight millionaire. There are hundreds of people who just get the instant and huge cash from these prize bonds. Pakistan prize bond has been the central focus for the investors and some entrepreneurs to challenge their luck. In this article, we have dived deep in providing every concerning detail about the Pakistan prize bond, their functioning, type, and the history. If you want to know, you are advised to stay adhered and get to know all the interesting detail about Pakistan prize bond.

What Is The Prize Bond?

As the name indicates, prize bonds are not relatable to the interest, rather these are the award prizes, available in various denominations. These bonds are considered one of the safest and reliable securities issued by the Pakistani government.

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History Of Pakistani Prize Bond:

The first ever prize bond in the history of sub-continent was in the denomination of rupees 10, and rupees 100. These bonds were on sale by the un-divided government of India, on dated 15th January 1944. These bonds had not restriction and an owner could cash them after 15th January. Later these bonds were declared as “ “Five Year interest-free Bonds 1949”.

After the partition of Indian and Pakistan in 1947, and Pakistan moved towards the progressive growth in the financial and banking sector. The first ever bond by the Pakistani government was issued in October 1960 with a name of “ National prize bond”. It was an interest-free bond issued by the Central Directorate of National Savings’ (CDNS).

All You Need To Know About Pakistan Prize Bond on Media Democracy

The first ever Pakistan prize bond was in the denomination of 10, then the authority was shifted to Minister, Gen. K.M. Shaikh. You will be surprised to know that the first ever bond was also purchased by the then Minister, Gen. K.M. Shaikh. When people showed the interest towards these bonds, Pakistan government started launching these bonds in the denomination of

Rs 5 Rs 10
Rs 50 Rs 100
Rs 500 Rs 1,000
Rs 5,000 Rs 10,000
Rs 25,000 Rs 40,000

How Does The Pakistan Prize Bond Function:

The functionality of the Pakistan prize bond is straightforward having minimal ambiguities, and confusion for the holders. Generally, a person can draw a prize after 90 days or three months. As discussed above, the first bond was issued in Oct.1961. later some reforms were introduced like the slot machine. But the traditional method remained the same. Each draw is supervised by government officials and CDNS.

Why prize bond is regarded as the gold investment:

All You Need To Know About Pakistan Prize Bond on Media Democracy

Without being dubious we can say; the best and most easy way of earning is “Prize bond money”. But one thing every bearer should keep in mind, that their luck will play a significant role in winning the bond. People call the prize bond as the golden investment because it is considered as the most lawful and easy way to challenge your luck and see, whether you are lucky enough to have your name on the lucky draw or not.

Wrapping Up The Article:

Pakistan Prize bond has been in demand and people with different business backgrounds show a deep interest in buying these securities. Everyone likes to earn the income that can come with no hard work, the prize bond is exactly like that, one can generate income from these bonds, all you need is luck and patience. Though the Pakistan prize bond has a huge history currently there are following prize bonds in these denominations 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000 & 40000.