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Unraveling New Threads At The Louis Vuitton’s Men’s 2016 Fall Show

It was that time of the year when fashion took the driver’s seat and steered everyone’s attention to the runways of New York and London. Fashion Week – to many in the industry like designers, editors, and photographers – is the beginning of their calendar year when, like the changing of the seasons, new trends begin to take shape and manifest themselves in the consciousness of the public. And of all the brands and labels that strut their number on the runway, Louis Vuitton’s Fall and Winter 2015 Men’s Collection proved itself to be a visual delight.


From the creative mind of the label’s new style director, Kim Jones, the collection paid homage to one of fashion’s foremost pioneers: Christopher Nemeth.


The collection was at its most impressive yet as Jones incorporated Nemeth’s artistry into the clothes and the iconic Louis Vuitton bags. It was a collision of elegance and edge.


Nemeth’s design signatures of deconstructing tailored suits and the prolific use of illustrations depicting thread, hands and needles was masterfully worked into each clothing from prints to the actual form and construction by Jones.


As the label prides itself in being one of the leading brands in luxury, the Nemeth inspired Fall Collection may have elevated it to newer heights making every piece coming out of the runway as fresh as the day it was conceived.


The collection presented a new line of jackets and sweatshirts that are perfectly tailored and designed; and it was on the runway that the color trend of Fall/Winter will be mostly in shades of brown and darker hues of blue. Leather jackets have always been main fixtures in any Fall collection. However, what could be making a return are parkas and lumpy sweaters, the latter having emerged towards the final quarter of last year and are still keeping a strong footing in many collections by other designers.


On the other hand, what seemed to have stolen the show was the new look of Louis Vuitton bags that will, no doubt, men of style and exquisite taste, will be clamoring for.


Known the world over, Louis Vuitton bags have been an icon unto itself. The unmistakable pattern and monograms decorating even the simplest handbag brings a level of status to its owner, man or woman.


Drawing once again from Nemeth’s aesthetic, the bags received a “face lift” to bring it closer to a younger market that seems to be getting hungrier for fashion and style. The look of the design is simple but it was its simplicity that drew attention. Keeping Nemeth’s use of threads in illustration, Jones has restyled the checkerboard pattern and added the Nemeth element where every other “checkerboard” has been replaced by prints of woven threads creating a very rustic, yet undeniably sophisticated look, for the bags.


Overall, the brand’s Men’s 2015 Fall Collection is as sleek and sophisticated as its patron but without losing that air of “bon vivance” in being adventurous with its design elements while staying true to the luxury that it represents worldwide.

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Kim Jones: Fashion’s Wonder Boy

The Men’s 2015 Fall Collection of Louis Vuitton was nothing short of deliciously edgy. Integrating the aesthetics of renowned fashion icon, Christopher Nemeth, the collection brought about a fresher and sharper edge to the brand. While keeping the elegance that Replica Louis Vuitton is known for in its designs, the set from the 2015 collection upped the ante further by turning it “stylishly street” and it’s all thanks to the label’s Men’s Style Director, Kim Jones.


Young and creatively vibrant, Jones was a graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art where he holds an MA in Menswear where, in his graduating year, he was acclaimed for his graduation show presented in 2003 at London Fashion Week. For a time in his illustrious career Jones has created his own label until he was called in by high profile London brand, Alfred Dunhill, to be its Creative Director as well as working for Alexander McQueen. Following years of creative growth, it was in 2011 when Louis Vuitton appointed him as the brand’s Men’s Style Director.


Over the years with the brand, Kim has designed Louis Vuitton bags and a collection of menswear where he lends his unique style of adding the element of travel, underscoring the brand’s soul, to each piece. Having spent his childhood in Africa, he was exposed to the vast savannahs of the continent thus influencing his creative aesthetic. Spending his formative years traveling with his parents from Africa to the Amazon, it was when Jones came to London that he was finally able to exercise his creativity.


He has created and designed for his own label that debuted at Paris Fashion Week in 2004 and carried on for eight seasons but he did not stop there.


Jones, with his incredible talent, worked his way even further into the fashion industry and landed jobs with brands like Hugo Boss, Uniqlo, Topman, and Umbro but it was with Alfred Dunhill that he seemed to have found his turning point and with Louis Vuitton where he cemented his identity among the fashion greats.


The image of the Louis Vuitton bags for men will never be quite the same. Owing to his experiences in travel, the element of utilitarianism is always present in every creation, something that is quite evident in his 2011 Men’s Collection where the idea of “transforming pieces” was introduced into his designs; an idea that sprung from Jones identifying the need to make things much easier and comfortable for travelers.


“I think I’m a logical and practical thinker at the end of the day,” he admits to a 2011 interview with Suzy Menkes when asked about his designs.


Whatever his reasons, whether practical or logical, creative or edgy, Kim Jones has a certain kind of magic that he wields to transform Louis Vuitton bags, shoes, and clothes into what men, especially those who travel, crave for: practicality with a minimum of fuss.


It is no surprise that his recent Menswear line for Fall 2015 still answers to that need and still gives more room for creativity and style.

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