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Breaking The Illusion: A Quick And Easy Guide To Spot Counterfeits

Louis Vuitton replica handbags are the biggest fashion trap you should be wary of online in modern times. In this age it is quite convenient to shop online for a favorite merchandise or brand. The internet, through its leaps and bounds over the past decades, has made shopping much more convenient especially those who cannot afford the time to go out and visit a store. However, with such convenience also comes a wave of people who are more than willing to ta

ke advantage of unwitting customers who may be easily swayed into believing that what they are purchasing is an original.

One such brand has been the favorite of online sellers to disguise as real and genuine. Louis Vuitton Replica bags have flooded the market, dealing serious financial blows to the label itself. Most of the people who shop online are a little less educated on how to spot a counterfeit from a genuine product. This is where sellers and replica manufacturers take advantage of the situation.

In reality, no one really wants to be taken advantage of especially if it concerns value for money and the best defense against it is proper information. While some may not have the luxury to enter stores and hold the actual merchandise, there are a number of alternatives in which people can inform themselves and be protected from counterfeiters.

Whether they are selling Louis Vuitton Replica bags, fake Chanel purses, or badly copied Burberry scarves, below are a few basic and helpful pointers in identifying how genuine an item is:


  1. Materials matter – it should always be kept in mind that counterfeit products are hastily put together in mass production. Where devoted artisans and designers put careful thought in the process of choosing materials, counterfeiters would always go for what’s cheapest and readily available. Bags and luggage are the most common victims of substandard materials. For example, Louis Vuitton bags are not completely made out of leather. The material for their bodies is made out of coated canvas. It is their trims that are leather. If it is real leather, it should feel dry to the touch – not sticky or oily. Hardware like zippers and buckles should be completely solid and weighty. If it is anything but then it is a signal to walk away.
  1. Beauty is also skin deep – bad replicas are usually copied from photographs. Counterfeiters make sure that the look of their merchandise is as eerily close to the original’s design, overlooking the details inside. Always make sure to check and closely study the color and quality of the interior workmanship. Counterfeiters are notorious for deceptively lining their products with cardboard to give their items a sturdy appearance. Brands are very careful about color. To many of them, it is part of their identity such as Burberry’s signature Camel Brown. Counterfeit products will always be off by a shade or a degree of saturation.
  1. There is such a thing as perfection – a genuine Chanel purse or a pristine pair of Gucci shoes is expensive for a reason: it takes weeks or even months to complete a single pair or item. A single loose thread could spell disaster for an established label and craftsmen and artisans working at their ateliers make sure that such a travesty is prevented. Pay attention to the construction of a product. Just like being meticulous on the interior, any customer should also be as strict on the details on the exterior. Seams should always match, stitch work should be clean and pristine, and brand violations should be non-existent. For example, the famous Louis Vuitton monogram has ever since been carefully laid out. Its manufacturers and designers are careful about its symmetry and avoid, at all cost, anything that could damage the monogram: the letters should not be distorted or divided by the seam. Should a fraction of it appear to be stitched over or its symmetry lost, then it is undoubtedly a fake.
  1. It matters where it comes from – counterfeiters will always blindside their customers by saying that their product, say an Armani dress, was made in Italy; or that their “exclusive” Chanel bags come from Paris. The fact of the matter is that brands and labels do not necessarily put their products together in their respective countries of origin for several reasons like availability of materials. Zara, a renowned Spanish brand has clothes made mostly in Bangladesh. The point being, genuine brands will be honest with their customers about where their products are made and would not conceal it by blatantly trumpeting that they are made in “France” or “Italy”. When it comes to a brand of preference and interest, it is always an encouraging advice to do research on it: where it is made, manufactured, or distributed from.

These are only the most basic of tips in order to avoid spending money on fake merchandise. Any person wanting to make an investment on a quality product should be able to identify the simplest warning signs and red flags of bogus items. After all, it is better to have spent a lot of money on one item that will last a lifetime than to buy second rate copies and end up broke at the end of the day.

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Kim Jones: Fashion’s Wonder Boy

The Men’s 2015 Fall Collection of Louis Vuitton was nothing short of deliciously edgy. Integrating the aesthetics of renowned fashion icon, Christopher Nemeth, the collection brought about a fresher and sharper edge to the brand. While keeping the elegance that Replica Louis Vuitton is known for in its designs, the set from the 2015 collection upped the ante further by turning it “stylishly street” and it’s all thanks to the label’s Men’s Style Director, Kim Jones.


Young and creatively vibrant, Jones was a graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art where he holds an MA in Menswear where, in his graduating year, he was acclaimed for his graduation show presented in 2003 at London Fashion Week. For a time in his illustrious career Jones has created his own label until he was called in by high profile London brand, Alfred Dunhill, to be its Creative Director as well as working for Alexander McQueen. Following years of creative growth, it was in 2011 when Louis Vuitton appointed him as the brand’s Men’s Style Director.


Over the years with the brand, Kim has designed Louis Vuitton bags and a collection of menswear where he lends his unique style of adding the element of travel, underscoring the brand’s soul, to each piece. Having spent his childhood in Africa, he was exposed to the vast savannahs of the continent thus influencing his creative aesthetic. Spending his formative years traveling with his parents from Africa to the Amazon, it was when Jones came to London that he was finally able to exercise his creativity.


He has created and designed for his own label that debuted at Paris Fashion Week in 2004 and carried on for eight seasons but he did not stop there.


Jones, with his incredible talent, worked his way even further into the fashion industry and landed jobs with brands like Hugo Boss, Uniqlo, Topman, and Umbro but it was with Alfred Dunhill that he seemed to have found his turning point and with Louis Vuitton where he cemented his identity among the fashion greats.


The image of the Louis Vuitton bags for men will never be quite the same. Owing to his experiences in travel, the element of utilitarianism is always present in every creation, something that is quite evident in his 2011 Men’s Collection where the idea of “transforming pieces” was introduced into his designs; an idea that sprung from Jones identifying the need to make things much easier and comfortable for travelers.


“I think I’m a logical and practical thinker at the end of the day,” he admits to a 2011 interview with Suzy Menkes when asked about his designs.


Whatever his reasons, whether practical or logical, creative or edgy, Kim Jones has a certain kind of magic that he wields to transform Louis Vuitton bags, shoes, and clothes into what men, especially those who travel, crave for: practicality with a minimum of fuss.


It is no surprise that his recent Menswear line for Fall 2015 still answers to that need and still gives more room for creativity and style.

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