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How to Make a Pallet Dining Table

Initial Step: Building the pallet furniture frame

Get two pallets together and strip the timber off them.  Push pallet furniture together, and get other scrap pallet wood to join them together as possible as you can.

Second step:  Fixing the legs

After screwing the two pallets together, cut four legs and pin them on the inside corners of the frame using wooden glue and small sized nails.

Third step: setting the table top

Lay the recycled timber on top, starting from one side and see how your layout will appear.   Using either a drop saw or table saw, clean the pieces to ensure they fit properly.

Fourth step: Brace the bottom

After cleaning the edges of the top, attach the pieces to the frame using builders glue, then nail each board using small sized nails.  For extra support to the floor board, flip your table down and cut the thick board into strips.  Glue the pieces and screw them.  For an attractive appearance, cover the underside using the pallet boards.

Fifth step: Staining

Stain the whole table using your favorite stain. If you complete staining and realize the boards are not double clean, you can use an electric belt sander to achieve your desire.

Sixth step: Continue staining

After sanding, stain the table again until you achieve the appearance you want.  However, to make the table more attractive, you can add a small strip of timber around the board.  It is advisable to use a different stain when staining the piece. Different stains will distinguish the table and make it appealing to the eyes.  You are done, but you can change your stain if you wish.

Final step:  Getting the right seats

After making the dining table, now place it in the appropriate place. Besides, get the right seats regarding matching the stain

How to Make a Pallet Dining Table

How to Make a Pallet Dining Table


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