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Benefits and Disadvantages of Wooden and Plastic Pallets

Globally, pallets are used daily in transporting goods to other countries, and in storing goods in warehouses and manufacturing sites You can see DIY pallet ideas.  Although wood and plastic are used in the production of pallets, wooden pallets are widely used.  Nevertheless, both types of pallets are useful, but your budget and requirements determine the best pallet type to use.

Advantages of wooden pallets

  • In comparison to plastic pallets, wooden pallets are much cheaper, making them suitable for both small and big businesses. If you are just starting a small budget at a constricted budget, you do not need large sums of money to purchase the pallets.
  • Unlike plastic pallets, wooden pallets can be repaired with ease if broken. You only need to remove the broken piece and replace with a good one, hence no need to keep on purchase new ones.
  • Since wood is recyclable, the pallets can be made from recycled supplies, reducing the number of trees being destroyed, and the energy amounts being utilized.
  • Wood is a durable material, hence withstands the weight of the load and prevents the loaded material from sliding due to their high level of friction.

Disadvantages of wooden pallets

  • The pallets are tough to clean thoroughly. Therefore, they can harbor fungus and bacteria, making them unfit for storing foods, drinks, and pharmaceutical products.
  • Protruding nails and splinters are a threat to the safety of the users. Besides, they shrink and warp.

Advantages of plastic pallets

  • Unlike wooden pallets, plastic pallets do not need to be heat-treated for international shipping. Therefore, the pallets do not slow the speed of delivery, as in wooden pallets where checks are done at the port or the border.
  • They last for a considerable time before their quality gets affected, making a good investment.
  • Although they are non-biodegradable, plastic pallets can be recycled, reducing environmental waste.
  • Plastic pallets are lighter than wooden pallets; hence operators can handle them easily. Besides, the lightness has no effect on the ability of the pallet to carry loads.
  • Apart from being resistant to moisture and chemicals, plastic pallets are much easier to clean, making them hygienic and fit to store foods, drinks, and pharmaceuticals.

Disadvantages of plastic pallets

  • Unlike wooden pallets, you cannot quickly repair plastic pallets after they get broken. You need to replace the entire pallet.
  • The initial cost of plastic pallets is much higher compared to wooden pallets, hence unsuitable for small business.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Wooden and Plastic Pallets

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